Visual Art Show: WORDS IN ART


WORD is an On-Line Exhibition of paintings, prints, fabric works, photographs and sculpture, which brings together seventeen Artists who activate words WITH, IN, ON or AS a Visual experience. Each Artist, of course, has found their own way to integrate words as shape, pattern and compositional strength – giving their work a complex range of meaning and function.
Are these works a result of the predictive quality of The Painted Word written in 1974 by Tom Wolfe? I would support the idea that the relationship of WORDs and Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart has been around for centuries. Not only the Cubists and Dadaists, but the Limbourg Brothers in 14th C Holland and the Stele of Hammurabi, 1760 BCE from Susa in Mespotamia.
These 17 Artists are Contemporary to US – they are working Today to bring us Word/Image of concern to our Time and our Needs. — Jackie Lima


Marie ROBERTS             Pete GOURFAIN           Rita VALLEY           Jim McGLYN          Stephen McKENZIE

Paul DEERY          Jay MILDER           Jenna Katzin LASH          Joseph O’NEAL          Michael DAL CERRO

Harriet FINCK         Shalom NEUMAN         Betsy ROSENWALD        Patricia DAHLMAN        Jackie LIMA

     Dylan Williams                      Edward Coppola


This is Frances (the cat) from my daily drawings of her. A small way to remind people to exercise our duty, obligation and privilege, and after almost fifty years of voting, the first time I have had to think and plan it. Strange Girls is a double entendre. Strange is good. This celebrates the amazing abilities of born different sideshow performers. Coney Art Walls is an outdoor wall celebrating the Cast of the Dreamland Circus Sideshow in the 1920’s, as people. Curious Peoples is a banner homage to two show people, Lester Roberts left and his 1920’s cast, Dick Zigun Right and his 21st century cast. — Instagram @marierobertsconeyisland
Although Gourfain prefers the existing ambiguities of his images rather than supplied meaning, a sociopolitical ambiguous Americana is present in many of his prints. The stylized images, dark contrast and heavy line lend gravitas to the subjects. In Gourfain’s prints, Romanesque figures and objects mingle. Heads roll and shadows loom in the landscape as figures intertwine and repel, creating a firm uncertainty. — —
My large scale, text-driven fabric constructions are intensely hand made. They are sculptural and commanding, political and funny. Perhaps unfortunately, there is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much raw material for me in this present political moment. Alas! Please note that I am my own 3rd World sweat shop, hand-sewing all these pieces myself. I call pieces from this series “PSAs” (Public Service Announcements) as I see my role as an artist/activist to remind people of their duty to participate in our endangered democracy. — —
…a sabotage word artist
(sudonym: Marion Fitzwater)
Stephen McKENZIE
My work has focused on gun violence in America for the past 14 years. It uses statistics to chronicle the violence, but statistics are only the surface of this issue. The story of each survivor is one of coping and living with a completely changed reality, each living with the nightmare experience and the after-effects of their wounds both physically and emotionally. They can never again return to a “normal” life. 
As an artist, I re-contextualize language to explore other possibilities of understanding what words and writing can express. I investigate certain qualities and characteristics of language within the framework of visual art. The sculptures have an interesting dichotomy in that I am freeing the words from the surface of the page, but at the same time, putting myself in a position of having to edit. It forces me to be more selective with language. Working with specific words and phrases, constructing with letters as objects in space, engaging new syntax, exploration of materials, and use of space.–
Jay:   I was coping with cognition; I don’t like cognition.
Jay:  Well, you know I’ve always been involved with physics. You see that was when art, and physics and meta-physics and everything were combined. It was so Eastern. You see in the 60’s how it turned Western and it becomes linear and Aristotelian. That’s what happened. 
(from an interview with Ron Morosan in March 2017
Jenna Katzin LASH
“Money is a framework for my exploration of value and values: of the personal versus the public; of the conflicting perspectives between men and women; of the cultural differences between generations; and of the harmony between (or conflict with) individuals in relation to a global society. As an artist, I want to encourage my viewers to consider how their money, and what they choose to spend on (or forego) goes hand in hand with the worth assigned to individuals, things, societies and countries.”
Joseph O’NEAL

O’Neals work creates seams by coupling non-objective imagery with written texts such as dates, names, and various words and phrases. The back and forth between the two elements presents an ambiguous field of opportunities, and suggests textual interpretation from a place beyond verbal or written language. Urgency and chance are ever-present in the works as is the dirt on the road to conclusion.
“Peasants for Plutocracy” was made during the summer of the 2009 “Tea Party Town Hall Meeting Rebellion,” most of the text on the signs was based on statements I heard in the Town Hall meetings. The “Tea Party” was upset about making healthcare more affordable for people. “The Republican Infrastructure Program,” was made shortly after Trump was elected and it is a statement about my fears for the social safety net. The foreground figure in the “Build Back Better” piece was a happy accident where I was taking a photo of a building site in the Hudson Yards last year and someone suddenly jumped in front of my camera with that pose. My stamp collection was a source for the post office piece.
I periodically turn to ancient Hebrew texts as motifs, sometimes incorporating the words themselves, mining my intensive education in classical Jewish narratives for meaning.
… is a painter, designer and writer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her artwork incorporates a variety of media, including wax, oil, drawing media, and photography. Born in the US and now a dual citizen, she began this series of political paintings on post-consumer waste (mostly discarded boxes) to keep her sanity during an insane year. The words and images are derived from the news cycle, sometimes quoted directly from the President’s tweets.
Betsy’s work is represented by The Gallery/Art Placement, Saskatoon. Follow her work on Instagram: @betsyrose_1
Patricia DAHLMAN
Making artists books was a way to incorporate words with sculpture. Later I made unbound books using lots of words. More recently I have been making political artwork using chants and quotes. Words in art are an additional way to communicate and have given me more freedom to express myself. 
links to view work: 
This series of work explores representing a landscape as an abstract idea directly associated with music and sound. I begin by looking at nature or urban scenes as staff lines in a sheet of music. I place buildings, landmarks, and important features as the notes or symbols in music notations. I look for the essential notes that have continuity within a composition and make these the central part of the piece while adhering to form, perspective, space, and tonal values. The final rendering includes the same basic principals contained in music such as rhythm, variation, equilibrium, tempo and harmony. The white space expresses silent moments where the melody or sounds take a break. However here white is not regarded as an empty space rather as an area full of possibilities to be filled by one’s imagination. —
Chief Laboratory Technician / Adjunct Asst. Professor at Brooklyn College Art Dept. in Photography. Lives and photographs on  Staten Island. I am currently on a one year sabbatical. I began doing a project called Metered, about the infrastructure of fossil fuel tapping and the dominance that those things can have aesthetically in our environment. I am only about six weeks into this and so many others things are coming out.
Jackie LIMA
I make paintings in 3-Dimensions. These paintings are perceptually based. The form of each work is intrinsic to the process of that perception. I paint on spheres, hemispheres, rings, cylinders, tori and twisted strips of metal. Drawing and Painting often exist in the same work – along with Words and Text. 
The Drawings are sourced from psycho-social concerns, books, articles, the news, working to process the constant mental activity, while information and images flow through from the blasts of Media we encounter daily.