Who We Are

Easton Book Festival’s mission is to inform, educate, enrich and inspire people of all backgrounds in our community through cultural and literary programs and to otherwise foster intellectual discourse and civic engagement.
Board of Directors
Christopher N. Phillips, President
E. Lynn Alexander, Vice President
Tammy McKillip, Vice President
Darrell Parry, Treasurer
Colin K. Gregory, Sponsorship Coordinator
Lydia E. Bruneo
John Evans
Nekisha Robertson
Andy Laties, Ex Officio; Festival Director
Michael Daigle, Stephanie Davidson, Sean Ford, Barbara Gregory, Kayley Hoffman, Kevin Horn, Deb Hull, Nere Kapiteni, Liz Keough, Debra Kindervatter, MJ “Phen” King, Shirley Liu, Regina Marinelli, Jackie Matthews, Monica McAghan, Ashley McKillip, Katie McKillip, Rebecca Migdal, Kathleen Parrish, Patrick Poladian, Jan Schwartz, Melba Tolliver (Former President), Alyssa VanEmburgh, Jennifer Whitlock
Contact us at eastonbookfestival@gmail.com
From the President:
Welcome to the 4th annual Easton Book Festival!
When we celebrate books, we celebrate the joy of reading. We celebrate the power of literacy. We
celebrate the power of imagination and research and the hard work of sharing words with the world. At
a time when the stories and dreams we share are more important for the life of our community than
ever, I am thrilled that Easton is a home for this rich array of programs, including so many wonderful
local authors, readers, and other book people.
With venues extending all across the city, programs offered for book-lovers of all ages, and a great blend
of performing and visual arts alongside the written word, the Easton Book Festival has something for
everyone. This is truly a community event, with many local organizations contributing programming and
talent as well as their inviting spaces for presenters local, regional, and national. And thanks to our
generous sponsors, all this is free and open to the public.
On behalf of the EBF board, I want to thank you for exploring this festival. I hope you find what you’re
looking for, and perhaps a few things you didn’t expect. Discovering your next great read, a new friend
with a shared interest, or something new to think about can make a festival a truly unforgettable
experience for attendees of all ages.
We EBF folks love books. We love where they take us, what they teach us, and above all, who they
connect us with. I’m delighted to welcome you to this celebration of those connections, and I look
forward to seeing where new connections can take us when our community comes together at an event
like the Easton Book Festival.
Christopher N. Phillips
President, Easton Book Festival Board

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