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Robin Riding


“Mermaids Fast Asleep”


Easton, PA


Mermaids Fast Asleep began in 1968, when a little girl named Robin who loved mermaids wrote a poem about them. It went like this: Do you suppose, way down deep There are mermaids fast asleep? Silver mermaids with golden hair Way down deep, down deep down there? Years went by and the little girl grew up and became a songwriter and singer in a band, and she had a child of her own. She loved children even more than she loved mermaids, and wanted to write a song that the kids she loved would enjoy. She wrote a lullaby based on the poem she had written long ago, and called it Mermaids Fast Asleep. The song had a special kind of magic to it, because it captured the love of a little girl for mermaids. Now she sang the song to the children she loved. More years went by and the grown little girl’s children grew up, too, but they always remembered the magical Mermaid lullaby. Then one day somebody said, “Why not make this lullaby into a picture book, so more children can enjoy it?”

About "Mermaid's Fast Asleep"

“Mermaids Fast Asleep is a stunning and lyrical bedtime picture book that looks at how mermaids sleep in the sea. This wonderful read-aloud book appeals to the imagination, envisioning an undersea world where diverse mermaid families peacefully drift off to sleep. “Mermaids Fast Asleep” is the perfect nighttime read for your little dreamer, with poetical text and dreamy illustrations by Zoe Persico.