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“Who Killed Luke Mandrake? Vol. 1: Famebeau”


Easton, PA


Rebecca is a graphic novelist, author, puppeteer, performance and visual artist known both for her confrontational political comics and nuanced explorations of gender issues. She took an MA degree in Communications at New York Institute of Technology and an MFA in English and Creative Writing at SUNY Stony Brook. Her work has been anthologized in collections published by Seven Stories Press, PM Press and Verso Books. Migdal is a contributing editor at World War 3 Illustrated and a Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance alum. She lives with her husband in Easton, PA where they own a small independent bookstore.

About "Who Killed Luke Mandrake? Vol. 1: Famebeau"

Punk rock icon Luke Mandrake kills himself, and awakens in a bizarre limbo for dead celebrities, where he is a zombie with a vulture chained to his arm–most of the time, anyway. He hooks up with a voluptuous goddess, and meets John Lennon, Oscar Wilde, Billie Holiday and River Phoenix. Back in the real world, a private eye is trying to pin Luke’s murder on his widow, Charity Ball. But what can he do? He’s a prisoner in Famebeau, forced to work at a fat camp for Hollywood fans, run by an evil Bette Davis. First he must battle a minotaur who is running amok and brutalizing the women, and then he has to convince the lovely Persephone to help him save Charity. When Hades discovers her affair with Luke, all hell breaks loose.