Author bio

Michael Stephen Daigle


“The Red Hand”


Phillipsburg, NJ


Michael Stephen Daigle grew up in the Northeast U.S. from the snowbelt shores of Upstate N.Y. to the woods of Maine and the piers of New Bedford, Mass., all the while writing. He and his family now live in New Jersey. His first job was picking blueberries in Maine and his last job was a 33-year career as a newspaper writer and editor. He wrote his first novel at 22, and a second at 24. The second one years later became the first book of his Frank Nagler Mystery series: “The Swamps of Jersey” (2014); “A Game Called Dead” (2016); “The Weight of Living” (2017); and “The Red Hand” (2019).

About "The Red Hand"

Newly appointed Detective Frank Nagler is assigned to investigate the deaths of four women. Over time nine women are killed in what the medical examiner called, “An experiment in death.” At the same time he is dealing with the declining health of his wife, Martha, and Nagler finds himself caught between caring for her and finding the killer. The story is gritty, moving and intense