Author bio

William Howard


“The Eye of Hermes: A Minerva Novel”


Philadelphia PA


William Howard’s primary career for over the last 25 years has been working with and educating young children. Mr. Howard has also worked as a paleontologist assistant, a historical researcher, and a Therapeutic Staff Support worker. Throughout all these life adventures, Mr. William Howard has always managed to find time to write stories of fantasy and science fiction. Mr. Howard has had scientific articles published in the Academy of Natural Sciences staff newsletter and historical essays related to historic Philadelphia landmarks on the “Philaplace” websites. In 2014, Mr. Howard completed his Masters Thesis at LaSalle University on the topic of integration of the Philadelphia public schools during the Johnson and Nixon administrations. In 2017, Mr. William Howard published his first novel, which told the tale of a civilization where alien reptiles and advanced insects were the dominant species.
Mr. Howard firmly believes that there are many more stories to come from his laptop. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife, Bonnie.

About "The Eye of Hermes: A Minerva Novel"

   In a far corner of a distant galaxy, two alien insect races have been locked in a bloody 500 year old war, and the only place where the bee-like Polistines and cockroach-esque, Beetleguise, can get along is on the asteroid prison, Minerva. However, both races, along with a scrappy band of humanoids,  must come together to defeat two greater threats. First, an ancient gem, The Eye of Hermes, has awakened from a long slumber with an appetite to consume all the energy in the galaxy. Second, the warlord, Diabolix, is returning from an alternate reality with plans for conquest, and the only thing that can stop him is an Abomination.