Author bio

Tara Zrinski


“All Ducks Are Birds, But Not All Birds are Ducks”


Bethlehem, PA


Since she was a child, nature has inspired her artistic endeavors. She has shown and sold her acrylic paintings in café’s, restaurants and galleries. Her ducks are drawn in color pencils, creating a level of control, detail and color that make the birds jump off of the page. She is an adjunct professor of philosophy at Northampton Community College. Tara is also a freelance writer whose career is highlighted in publishing a weekly parenting column on, feature articles with the Elucidator Magazine and monthly blogs as an eco-feminist writer for Tara lives with her three sons, two cats and devoted partner, Scott, In Bethlehem, PA. She loves to share stories, trips to the bookstore and long walks to visit the ducks as well as play soccer for the Pioneers, a local woman’s soccer team. She is active in her community as an environmental activist, helping to organize and speak at forums that educate the public on the impact of fossil fuel development in her home state of Pennsylvania.

About "All Ducks Are Birds, But Not All Birds Are Ducks"

All Ducks Are Birds is Taras debut self-published work, sure to delight children with the colorful illustrations and the silly syllogisms common in philosophical logic. All children notice similarities and differences. To put these observations in a logical frame work is a higher order of thinking cultivated through the patterns of reasoning a child would use to deduce that similar qualities do not necessarily make all things the same. Not all birds are ducks.