Author bio

Tan Swiftwater


“Force of Will”


Poconos, PA


Tan Swiftwater is originally from Long Island, New York, and has called the Poconos his home since 2014. He has written numerous published works under his real name, many of them satirical essays – Tan Swiftwater is his nom de plume. More often he has created musical compositions in many styles, including blues, rock, pop, jazz and classical. He has several hundred such compositions to his credit. He wrote his first novel (based on a true story), “Force of Will,” in 2017, and followed that up in 2019 with a sequel, the biographical “Song of Gil.”

About "Force Of Will"

It all started just before midnight in July. Gil Oldfield gets a phone call from his son that shocks him, but leaves him unprepared for his later arrest and the downward spiral that would quickly follow. In rapid succession, he loses his wife, his children, his livelihood, all his assets, his reputation – in essence everything important to a man. Determined to live with whatever means he can, Gil embarks on a healing process that leads to discovery – discovery of who shared in the immense web of intrigue that started well before that fateful Independence Day in 2012, and the value of trust, real love, and authentic truth.