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Susan Holloway Scott


“The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr”


Philadelphia, PA


Susan Holloway Scott is an historian, speaker, founder of the popular website, and award-winning, bestselling author of fifty historical novels. With over three million copies of her books in print, her work has been published in nineteen foreign countries and translated into fourteen different languages. Susan is a frequent speaker at museums, colleges, and historical sites, and has received numerous awards for her novels. She is a graduate of Brown University, and lives with her family outside of Philadelphia. Her previous novel, the highly acclaimed “I, Eliza Hamilton”, was named Book of the Year by the “Read the Revolution” history book club sponsored by the Museum of the American Revolution, and her most recent book is “he Secret Wife Of Aaron Burr”. Visit Susan Holloway Scott online at:

About "The Secret Wife of Aaron Burr"

Previously silenced by history, Aaron Burr’s longtime mistress, eventual wife and mother of his two children – a woman of color brought to America as an enslaved servant – is finally given voice by acclaimed historian and bestselling author Susan Holloway Scott in “The Secret Wife Of Aaron Burr”. A free woman of color, Mary Emmons (1760-1835) was born in India, raised in Haiti, and brought as a slave to America by an English officer on the eve of the American Revolution. Yet none of that prepared Eugenie for her next employer: Colonel Aaron Burr, a man some whispered had made a pact with the devil. The lines between master and servant soon tangle and blur, and first attraction becomes dangerous obsession. Many historians deny she even existed, but Mary and the children she bore to Burr were very real – and so was her little-known marriage to America’s first true villain.