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Steve A. Wiggins


“Holy Horror: The Bible and Fear in Movies”


Hellertown, PA


Steve A. Wiggins earned his Ph.D. at Edinburgh University and taught for many years at Nashotah House Episcopal Seminary, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Rutgers University, and Montclair State University. He now works as an editor at for an academic press in New York City. Holy Horror is his third book. His fourth book on demons in horror films, Nightmares with the Bible, is scheduled for release next year with Lexington Books. Under a pseudonym he has published over twenty short stories in the horror genre.

About "Holy Horror: The Bible and Fear in Movies"

What, exactly, makes us afraid? Is it monsters, gore, the unknown? Perhaps it’s a biblical sense of malice, lurking unnoticed in the corners of horror films. Holy Writ attempts to ward off aliens, ghosts, witches, psychopaths and demons, yet it often becomes a source of evil itself. Looking first at Psycho (1960) and continuing through 2017, this book analyzes the starring and supporting roles of the Good Book in horror films, monster movies and thrillers to discover why it incites such fear. In a culture with high biblical awareness and low biblical literacy, horrific portrayals can greatly influence an audience’s beliefs about and knowledge of the Bible.