Author bio

Stacy Einfalt


“Monkey See, Monkey Do”


Hagerstown, MD


Stacy Einfalt was born and raised in Nazareth, PA. She currently lives in Hagerstown, MD. Stacy enjoys writing and illustrating children’s stories that have a positive message focusing on the issue of bullying. She was one of seven women selected to receive the 2014 ABC7 Tribute To Working Women Award, sponsored by the WJLA News Station, out of Washington, D.C., and Toyota, for all of the work she did in the community, reading her first book, “The Horse That Looked Different”, to children at different schools. Her second book, “Be Buddies, Not Bullies”, she co-authored with Mr. Bud Collier, founder of, was released in July of 2015. Her third book, “Logan & The Lonesome Moose”, was released in October of 2016. She released her fourth book, “Go Team”, in July of 2017 and is excited about the release of her new book, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. Check out

About "Monkey See, Monkey Do"

Poor orphaned Bem was feeling hopeful when he stumbled upon a new community of chimps, while on his search to find his lost parents. Little did he know upon his arrival that not all of its’ members were willing to accept him into their group. Feelings soon change when the others take notice to how their respected leader, Jaja, lovingly welcomes Bem into their family.