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Sandy Jimenez


“Marley Davidson: Bronx Exorcist”, “World War 3 Illustrated”


New York City


Sandy Jimenez is a comic book writer and artist born in New York City. A graduate of The Cooper Union, Mr. Jimenez worked as a welder for 8 years, beginning his career as an internationally published comic book artist at the age of 23, becoming a magazine editor the following year. In 2005, he was awarded sponsorship and a grant by ABC Disney for his screenwriting. With a career in film production that is as long as his commitment to crafting comic book stories, Jimenez has collaborated on set design for theatrical productions as well as having directed his first feature-length film in 2007. His storyboarding and commercial illustration work is sought and has been repeatedly commissioned by companies like Two Boots Pizza, Atari, Disney XD, ToyBiz, Marvel Enterprises, and Spontaneous Combustion. Currently as the Director of Information Services for The MPA-Magazine Publishers of America, he has supported the magazine publishing industry’s giants, like Conde Nast, Meredith, Hearst, and National Geographic, with innovative research initiatives, a daily newsletter, and an annual 100-page factbook demonstrating the power of printed media for the advertising companies of the world. Recently he was retained as a consultant for a new horror podcast series for teens for WGBH/PBS. Today, Sandy Jimenez resides in Inwood, Manhattan island’s most northerly neighborhood, only blocks away from Word Up Books, a volunteer-run community bookshop in Washington Heights that he helped start in 2011. Word Up Books serves readers and booklovers of all ages with literature, learning, culture and art, six days a week.

About “Marley Davidson: Bronx Exorcist”

Marley Davidson Bronx Exorcist®, is an action-adventure series about a darkly-imagined nighttime America, only slightly more nightmarish than the one we already know. Centered in a metaphorical New York City—a fabled urban realm of the undead, witches, and fairy folk where the occult, the supernatural and 21st century sociological horrors intersect; “Marley Davidson” follows the exploits of its titular monster hunter and takes the reader along a series of graphic allegories exploring the familiar daytime horrors of racism, poverty and exploitation against the backdrop of the mythic American night.