Author bio

Roy Lee Jarmon


“Poetry by Simon: Volume 1 – Family Foundations”


Piscataway, NJ


Roy was born in Mississippi; the second child of 11 children born to the late George and Minnie Jarmon. He graduated in 1968 from O’Bannon HS in Greenville, MS. He attended Jackson State University for his freshman year before joining the U. S. Army in February 1970 until February 1973. Roy worked at various jobs while attending classes at night. He finally graduated from MVSU in 1982 and was hired by AT&T where he worked until the end of 2002. Roy still lives in Piscataway, NJ with his second wife, Audrey, whom he married in November 7, 2009.

About “Poetry by Simon: Volume 1 - Family Foundations”

“Poetry by Simon: Volume 1 – Family Foundations” is a collection of poems, prose and other creative pieces that displays the author’s profound outlook on life by using his life experiences to create a beautiful collection that touches one’s soul. Mr. Jarmon shows how he has found solace in turning to the pen and putting his thoughts and feelings about love and romance, religion, and day-to-day coping and living on paper. Here is a small sample of some of his “slices of life’s excursions”. His ultimate goal is to inspire, motivate, and uplift others to seek and meet their dreams and aspirations. This collection of poetry shows readers a sensitive soul with a profound love for the written word and a keen eye on the many aspects of life. This engrossing compilation of poems is a must read for poetry lovers.