Author bio

Rory Janis Miller


“BEV: The Invisible Sister”


Bethlehem, PA


Rory Janis Miller is a “late bloomer.” Although she’s been writing for most of her life, she didn’t publish a book until several years after she retired from her career as a children’s librarian. She is the author of a memoir entitled “BEV: The Invisible Sister,” which is centered around her intellectually disabled sister Beverley. An earlier memoir entitled Les Amis tells the story of a group of women who formed a club that met every week for over forty years. She is also the co-author of several romances under the pen name Aurora St. Charles. Rory writes memoir, romance, short stories, poetry, and essays, some of which appear on her website blog at and on her Facebook author page.

About "BEV: The Invisible Sister"

Bev was an intellectually disabled little girl born at a time when such children were hidden away, many of them in state-run facilities constructed to house people that conventional society considered defective. At the age of nine she was sent to one of the worst such institutions in the United States. While she languished there, her family struggled with overwhelming personal conflicts that tore them apart and pushed Bev further away from them. Her brother and sisters barely knew her and rarely saw her. After thirty two years, she was released from the institution to begin a new life and reconnect with the family she left behind. Her story is one of lost hope, a second chance, and the harrowing journey in between.