Author bio

Ralph Greco Jr & Joe Swarctz


“Echo City Capers” Series, ““Follow Boo, Follow Me”


Easton, PA


Joe Swarctz is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School Of Cartoon, has been a professional illustrator for all of his adult life and lives in Easton, PA. Creating the characters and the environs that are Echo City, Joe’s illustrations give Echo City Capers its particular look Ralph Greco, Jr. is a professional writer living in the wilds of north New Jersey suburbia. He writes for clients worldwide, has seen his one-act plays produced across the country and writes the text and dialogue for the Echo City Capers series. Joe & Ralph have been friends for over 40 years but lost touch for about 25 of them, recently reconnecting and launching Echo City Capers. Within the past year-and-a-half, they have self-published four books in the series.

About "Follow Boo, Follow Me"

“Follow Boo, Follow Me” is the 3rd book in the slapstick-y kid-positive comic series Echo City Capers. In this issue, the loveable yet clumsy monsters of the city take to the streets for Halloween but cause such a frenzy doing so that Nightbat, the city’s hero, needs to step in and save the day…pretty much accidentally, as he always does. It’s another wacky 21-page story with a subtle lesson (can’t a monster trick or treat just like anybody else?) happening in the city that never sleeps…but takes a nap every once in a while.