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Maryann McFadden


“The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife”


Hackettstown, New Jersey


In 2007 Maryann McFadden “won the literary lottery” according to writing blogs when her previously self-published novel, THE RICHEST SEASON, sold at auction to Hyperion Books. It became a Target Breakout Novel and an Indie Next Pick by the American Booksellers Association. Her next 2 novels, CAPE COD LIGHT and THE BOOK LOVER are also Indie Next Picks. Her 4th novel, THE CEMETERY KEEPER’S WIFE, is a historical novel set in her NJ hometown and has become a book club sensation. It is a novel she believes she was destined to write. Maryann’s books have been translated into multiple languages and her unusual publishing journey has inspired many aspiring authors.

About "The Cemetery Keeper's Wife"

What happens when the line between the past and present begins to blur…
Rachel Miller is on the cusp of a new life when she moves to Union Cemetery in Hackettstown after marrying Adam, the 7th generation cemetery keeper. Though she’s known him only twelve weeks, his tender love seems like a miracle of fate after her years alone.
On her first walk through the lush and silent grounds of her new home, Rachel discovers a stunning monument to Tillie Smith, who died in 1886 on the grounds of a local seminary. Reading the words carved into the stone, “She Died in Defence of Her Honor,” Rachel is overcome by a powerful memory buried deep in her past.
A series of uncanny coincidences linked to Tillie Smith follows, setting Rachel on a journey that grows into an obsession: Why did the murder of a poor kitchen maid at the local seminary become a national sensation? Why were people in town trying to keep her from finding the truth? But most disturbing of all, why was Tillie reawakening a past Rachel chose to bury long ago. A past that could threaten her marriage.
The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife poignantly blends fact and fiction as two women scarred by shame, and separated by more than a century, reach across time to rewrite history.