Author bio

Lisa A. Sturm


“Echoed in My Bones”


Maplewood, NJ


Lisa A. Sturm LCSW sees couples and individuals in her private practice in Springfield, New Jersey. She’s had several short stories, novel excerpts, and essays published in literary journals and newspapers. “Echoed in My Bones” is her debut novel, inspired by her work as an inner-city psychotherapist. In the summer of 2013, while visiting a dying client in the hospital, Sturm asked how she could help. The woman’s eyes grew sharp, her voice certain, ‘Bring more love into the world!’. “Echoed in My Bones” is part of this author’s commitment to do just that.

About "Echoed in My Bones"

When sixteen-year-old Lakisha White surrenders her newborns, Jasmine who looks black, and Tessa who looks white, are raised in neighboring New Jersey towns, but worlds apart. Jasmine scrapes through a harrowing childhood in the foster-care system while Tessa struggles with her perfectionist mother and the pressures of being the youngest child in a high-achieving family of physicians and attorneys. Neither Jasmine nor Tessa know of each other’s existence until Lakisha’s son is diagnosed with leukemia. In order to find a compatible bone-marrow donor, Lakisha is forced to choose between keeping her traumatic history hidden from her longtime boyfriend, or searching for the daughters she abandoned. How Lakisha, Jasmine, and Tessa come together again is the story of the mistakes that threaten to destroy us and the injuries that echo in our bones; the ones that only love can heal.