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Linda Wright


“333 Journal Pages”


Nazareth, PA


Linda L. Wright now lives in Nazareth, PA. She is blessed to have a son and a daughter and three grandchildren. Her loves include God Almighty, family and friends, reading and her new found love of writing.

About "333 Journal Pages"

In memory of my husband, James A. Wright, I have written this book of 716 pages which incorporates 333 journal pages. For each entry, I have selected a Bible verse for you to reference or study and then some of my own thoughts on the topic at hand. After a short prayer, there is room for your thoughts and ideas. I love to journal and I pray you will join me in loving it too!
God saw all the sins-past, present, and future- of the whole world hanging on the cross. He watched His Son die in the shame that was ours. Jesus owned it and bore it for our sake. Jesus became the crucified Lamb to take away the sins of the world. He bore our sins, who knew no sin. He was ugly in God’s eyes because of our iniquities. He died, but in three days, God raised His Son with a beautiful resurrected body. He sat Him at His right hand. Christ is placed next to the Father’s throne. He is in all His glory. As Twila Paris sang, ‘How beautiful is the body of Christ.’ Jesus can make all things new. We are alive because He is alive. We can be made new each morning. We can rejoice in the newness. The old has passed away. Joy comes in the morning.”
Published by Christian Faith Publishing “333 Journal Pages” is an awe-inspiring work that intends to let readers journal their thoughts and ideas regarding who God is, the biblical characters they may identify with and other topics that the reader may encounter in their lives in a meaningful way.