Author bio

Kristina Garlick


“Then There Was New York”


Hackettstown, NJ


As an author of over 20 books, one would think Kristina Garlick would have no problem writing a bio about herself but she finds the process rather dreadful and would prefer to talk about her books. With that being said, Kristina is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Public Administration and actually knows how to make soap; yes, the stuff that goes scrub-a-dub-dub. Lover of superheroes and often will try to pet any animal that is fluffy, Kristina can be a bit quirky at times but that is just a part of the creative nature. Finally, Kristina can grow some mean veggies as long as that ever-loving groundhog stays out of her garden. Anyway, enough about the author as she much rather you check out her books.

About "Then There Was New York"

Riley Roman can control time and for that reason the criminal underworld wishes to exploit her power. Among the many dangerous villains, who seek to manipulate Riley is Lord Boundary. If Riley’s ex wasn’t under Boundary’s control or her niece hadn’t been kidnapped, then maybe things could be different, but now… someone has to die to save time. Should Riley chance donning the old tried-and-true spandex that she once mocked? Could she even measure up to the heroes that have come before her or would Ms. Roman fail? With limitless timelines and the secret origins of Riley’s abilities starting to unravel, an uncertain future for all of mankind looms on the horizon. But maybe, just maybe, all the answers lie with the man, who fell from the sky…