Author bio

Kailey Tedesco


“Lizzie, Speak”


Allentown, PA


Kailey Tedesco is the author of “She Used to be on a Milk Carton” (April Gloaming Publishing) and “Lizzie, Speak” (White Stag Publishing’s 2018 manuscript winner). She is a senior editor for Luna Luna Magazine, and she currently teaches an ongoing course on the witch in literature at Moravian College. She also co-curates “A Witch’s Craft”, a reading series and panel based in Philadelphia. You can find her work featured or forthcoming in Gigantic Sequins, Electric Literature, Black Warrior Review, Fairy Tale Review, Bone Bouquet Journal, fields, Ninth Letter, and more. For further information, please follow @kaileytedesco

About "Lizzie, Speak"

Kailey Tedesco’s “Lizzie, Speak” reads as if you discovered it squeezed beneath the cushion of a chaise lounge in a Gothic novel. There is a sense of eerie opulence, jewel-bright brutality, and slick decay in these poems—as delicate as ectoplasmic lace and as bloody as a murder scene, both of which you will find in its pages. By channeling the voices of dead women— from the Fox sisters, famous spirit mediums of the Victorian age, to the infamous Lizzie Borden—Tedesco creates a space for loss, feminist anger, and a wry and captivating sense of language. Don’t say you haven’t been warned: this book is lush witchcraft. Tuck it under your pillow at night, and it might whisper into your dreams. — Annah Browning, editor of Grimoire