Author bio

Hannah Stark


“Trucker and Train”


Brooklyn, NY


Hannah Stark is a writer and public-school teacher who lives in Brooklyn, New York. She loves making and sharing resources for other educators and teaching kids to write. She was inspired to write her debut book, “Trucker and Train,” while playing trucks and trains with her sons. When not writing or teaching, Hannah can be found taking road trips and train rides to unfamiliar places.

About "Trucker and Train"

Trucker loves to rule the road with his size, strength, and mighty horn. One day he meets the larger, stronger, and louder Train. Trucker quickly realizes that Train is bigger, stronger, and louder but isn’t using his might for power. Instead, Train is well-adored by the other vehicles. “Trucker and Train” is a story about using our strengths for good and learning to share with others.