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Gina Gullo


“Implicit Bias in Schools: A Practitioner’s Guide”


Easton, PA


Dr. Gina Gullo researches how school leaders work to avoid the impacts of implicit bias in schools and communities.  With a focus on bridging the gap between research and practice, Gina assists schools working towards equity through professional development and data support as CEO and founder of GLG Consulting.  Gina offers solution-focused leadership paired with evidenced strategies to create realistic, accessible plans for schools working towards social justice and greater equity for all.

About “Implicit Bias in Schools: A Practitioner's Guide”

Implicit bias is often recognized as one of the reasons for instances of discrimination and injustice, despite most people explicitly believing in the importance of equality and justice for all people.Implicit Bias in Schools provides practitioners with an understanding of implicit bias and how to address it from start to finish: what it is, how it is a problem, and how we can fix it. Grounded in an accessible summary of research on bias and inequity in schools, this book bridges the research-to-practice gap by exploring how implicit bias affects students and what school leaders can do to mitigate the effects of bias in their schools. Covering issues of discipline, instruction, academic achievement, mindfulness, data collection, and culturally relevant practices, and full of rich examples and strategies, Implicit Bias in Schools is a must-have resource for educators today.