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Gabrielle Balkan


“Book of Flight”


New York City


Gabrielle Balkan is best known for non-fiction books that delight readers ages 5 – 12 with curious and essential facts about the United States and animal record-breakers. Her books include the The 50 States, 50 Cities, Book of Bones, and Book of Flight. She lives, works, and rides bikes in Brooklyn with her twin 3rd graders, two cats, a writer husband. She/her.

About "Book of Flight"

A stunning world-records book of animal flight, by the author-and-illustrator team behind the bestselling Book of Bones! Meet ten fascinating flyers through a series of superlatives – and guess who’s who while learning about airborne animals. From the fastest (white-throated needletail) to the most acrobatic (flying fox bat), and from the best glider (colugo) to the best backward flyer (hummingbird), each master of flight is cleverly depicted in a blueprint-inspired diagram, accompanied by playful, informative text. The stunning page-turn reveal features a full-color illustration and an explanation of what makes each animal’s way of flying so special.