Author bio

Diane Fleming


“Look It Up- A Monologue”


Milford Township, PA


Diane Fleming’s novel, “The Invisible Woman, A Novel Told in Stories”, is tied to the notion of self exploration to find a person’s innate nature. It’s comprised of four short stories and a novella that are joined by the main character, Billie. “They may be trying to give me a life I don’t have, though I need one.” Diane was a staff writer for East Penn Press, substitute taught in five Lehigh Valley school districts. She adapted, produced, directed and performs four versions of a one-woman show, Mrs. Clopsaddle Presents Spring, …Summer, …Autumn Leaves, and …Winter. Diane born and raised in Schuylkill County, PA, has lived in NYC and LA. She now resides in the lush Lehigh Valley.

About "Look It Up- A Monologue"

A character has just grocery shopped and before returning home, voted at the local polling site. A word, repress, written on the back of an envelope while standing in one line or the other, has prompted the voter, once home, to look it up in dictionaries set aside on the kitchen counter. One word leads to another.