Author bio

Debbie Kelahan


“The Jewel in the Christmas Holly”


Hellertown, PA


Debbie Kelahan lives in eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, and two feathered friends who really compete for attention, especially the feisty cockatiel. When she’s not writing or reading, she likes to grow beautiful flowers, go on long walks, and contemplate on the world around her. This is her first novel.

About "The Jewel in the Christmas Holly"

When a medieval peasant girl named Nan receives some holly for Christmas, she unknowingly incites an evil spell from a mysterious book read by Lord Robert, ruler of the town of Lamington where she lives, erasing Christmas forever. After some unsettling events, Nan is sent to a monastery with the lady of the castle’s maidservant and the castle guard—who has a hidden life of his own—to learn about her disturbing link to Lord Robert’s book. At the monastery, she discovers a cavity in the book for a missing jewel with close ties to malicious fairies looking for nothing short of revenge! With the help of good fairies from a kingdom where a wicked and illicit fairy ruler reigns, Nan goes on a perilous mission, while a dark spirit lurks, to find the lost jewel that can break the spell and bring Christmas and peace back to Lamington.