Author bio

David Watts


“Accidental P.I.”


Califon, NJ


David B. Watts, a licensed private investigator for the past four decades, began in his twenties as a Plainfield, New Jersey patrolman. He was promoted to detective, then joined the Union County Prosecutor’s Office as a County Investigator. These early experiences eventually launched him into a lifetime of investigation work in the private sector. He and Linda, his wife of 57 years, worked for major law firms and the Fortune 500 in the busy New York to Philadelphia corridor on cases ranging from kickbacks to special security issues. Dave has also worked a number murder cases and innumerable insurance fraud matters, Having had great Amazon reviews for his first book, “Accidental P.I.”—as well as five Barnes and Noble signings—Dave authored two novels: “Loose Ends – Murder in the New Jersey Suburbs” and “The Dementia Conspiracy – When Corporate Greed Becomes Murder”. Mark Twain said, “Write what you know.” Dave does just that.

About "Accidental P.I."

Dave takes on the hypocrisy often evident in the civil system by citing examples and without apology. With decades of all kinds of cases in his files, Watts provides vivid descriptions of street policing in the 1960’s and what private investigation work entails. Murder, fraud, sex, corruption and even a race riot are all on the menu here. Far from a dry narrative, Accidental P.I. is a thrilling ride that puts you up right up front and in the action. He and Linda, carved their niche in the private sector by persevering and their personal story is an example of overcoming obstacles and setting the standard for others in the field. Humor, a serious avenue for them, comes through in the telling, as well. Randy Wayne White, New York Times Bestseller and known as Florida’s modern-day Hemmingway, wrote, “I thoroughly enjoyed Accidental P.I. by David B. Watts. It is a riveting series of tales that are all the more compelling because they are fact, not fiction, although Watts writes with the skill of a novelist.”