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Dave Leone


“The Pride of Pursel Hill”


Lopatcong Township, NJ


Dave Leone was born and raised in Phillipsburg, N.J., where he was a 3-sport athlete graduating in 1968. He retired from the State of New Jersey in December, 2012 after more than 27 years of service. He worked for a time as a freelance reporter with the Express-Times. Dave has written four sports-related books, including “Maloney Stadium Moments”, “Welcome to the Pit”, the history of Phillipsburg wrestling, and “The Rivalry: A Profile in Tradition”, the history of the Phillipsburg-Easton football rivalry. Dave’s most recent work is “The Pride of Pursel Hill”, the story of Phillipsburg native and Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Jim Ringo.

About "The Pride of Pursel Hill"

He was beloved in his home town and respected throughout the pro football community. Although he always thought of himself as just a small-town kid playing a game he loved, Jim Ringo played large on the NFL gridiron stage. Considered too small to compete at the highest level of his sport, he made up for his lack of size with skill, intelligence, and toughness. The perseverance instilled in him by his father, and the support he received from his family and friends, allowed him to overcome his own self-doubt and injuries that would have deterred many others. Jim Ringo’s rise to the pinnacle of his profession culminating in his enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame is a story that will captivate fans and inspire young athletes striving to excel.