Author bio

Darlene McGarrity




Quakertown, PA


Darlene was born and raised in Philadelphia but now resides in Bucks County, PA. Her love for nature is palpable as she skitters around Pennsylvania snapping photos of old bank barns, tree lines, and rescuing any critter from the road. She gets her stories from real life and a vivid imagination.
Nature fuels her bones along with the love of a rescued black cat, wonderful husband, and strong coffee. She has been writing seriously since 2006, despite starting back in 1997. Some of her favorite authors include Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Ann Rule, Edgar Allan Poe, and Chuck Wendig.
She uses music to adjust any mood for writing, for driving, and for life.

About "Consequences"

Second chances lead to new beginnings… sometimes, they lead to murder. Seventeen-year-old Rose Jackson is a self-righteous, nature-loving truth seeker whose rocky relationship with her mother, Doris Murphy, is tested after Rose is court ordered to a youth house. With six months left before she goes in front of a judge for potential release, her patience is tested between an in-house bully, her neglectful mother, and an inappropriate therapist. Fed up, Rose runs away before her court date and settles in a town she randomly chose on a map. Misinterpretation ensues as she falls for a town local, goes head to head with a biker gang, and the unthinkable happens. Can Rose succeed in finding the freedom she craves or will her determination cost her everything?