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Danielle Notaro


“Limn the Mask”


Easton, PA


Danielle Notaro grew up in Easton, went to NCC in its early years and has been writing, acting, & directing for a zillion years in the Lehigh Valley. She also taught acting&playwriting to kids in the Lehigh Valley as well in Boston where she studied acting with Reality Theater. She participated in several Les/Bi writing workshops. In NYC, she studied with Karen Malpede, Jean Claude Van Italie(Open Theater playwrites), at the Henry St. Settlement, she studied with Crispin Larengeira. In Vermont she was in a longstanding writing workshop led by Cora Brooks. Back in Pa. in 1982, she joined The Feminist Writer’s Guild and started a theater group, The Onsemble Theater.
She has published poems in Women Spirit, Gaia, Womankind, Juxtaposition, Love Your Rebellion, Ovungue Siamo and written a few pieces for Healthy Living (a Rodale newsletter). Aside from the Lehigh Valley she’s read her work in several Mid-Atlantic& New England states. She published her first book of poems and some prose in 2013 entitled, Limn the Mask. In 2019, she released a CD of pieces from her book w/improv music entitled, Limn the Chord and won Outstanding Spoken Word Artist from the Lehigh Valley Music Award.

About "Limn the Mask"

Poetry and prose with illustrations. In this first book of poems Danielle Notaro undertakes a quest to write the self on paper. The essence of self being notoriously resistant to description, she has limned it through interactions with the phenomenal world. These writings, which have unfolded over the course of thirty years, have taken Notaro on a trek through difficult emotional landscapes mining the gold in melancholy, the cure in the wound. Sometimes her task is to sit with paradox and sometimes it is just to sing the joy of life or the beauty of the natural world. The book is ultimately a celebration of the human capacity to love, in spite of all, because of all.