Author bio

Chrysa Smith


“The Upside-Down Gardener”


Bucks County, PA


A ‘double decade’ freelance writer, who has turned a love for writing into loving what she writes about—namely home, food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and most recently, her pets and garden. Her work allows her to be a perennial student—always learning something new, including navigating the world of children’s books. It began in 2007 with her first book in “The Adventures of the Poodle Posse” series, followed by “Once upon a Poodle”. She has stepped out of her wheelhouse for “The Upside Down Gardener”, having been inspired by a thwarted attempt at gardening. Innumerous hours are spent in classrooms, talking to kids about her love for writing and encouraging them to move forward in theirs.

About "The Upside-Down Gardener"

Dory Oslo is one tough city girl who just loves warm weather, smiles and baseball. But when it’s still cool outside and her mom suggests she start a garden, Dory is anything but interested. Begrudgingly, she plants some seeds. What happens next is frustrating, unusual, magical and perhaps a bit of fantasy as Dory’s garden and her life turn upside down—or does it? Find out in “The Upside-Down Gardener”*. (Gold Mom’s Choice Award-Winner)
· Book comes with a pack of easy-to-grow wildflower seeds to encourage the gardener in the young reader.