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Christa Conklin




Pitman, NJ


Christa Conklin is the author of the young adult fantasy novel Tranquility (Elk Lake Publishing 2019). Christa graduated from Rutgers University, studied in France, received her Masters Degree from Monmouth University, and once took first place in a solo women’s kayak river race. Over an eleven year period, she worked for the education departments of the New York Philharmonic and Young Audiences New Jersey. Christa teaches piano and woodwinds at a local music school. She and her meteorologist husband homeschool their children and don’t train their Miniature Goldendoodle.

About "Tranquility"

She must prove there’s more to life than peace and more to death than dying. The One People find guidance to peace and unity in the pages of TRANQUILITY. Drethene views the methods prescribed in the book as hurtful attempts to escape their diverse ancestry. Such pain is personal, as her parents aim to conceal how different she looks from the rest of their people. Even her job keeps Drethene quiet and secluded. While working in the Academy library, she secretly reads histories used only to teach future leaders to loathe the past. Drethene is inspired by these books filled with cultural variety. When she discovers another world as part of her people’s heritage, a well established enemy is revealed, and she rises to meet the truth and save both worlds. Now Drethene must convince the One People that their lives are not as tranquil as they seem. They are being hunted and must reunite with a sister-world that has been erased from their past. If they choose to remain in the comfort of their rewritten history and false sense of peace, they will be dragged into the maelstrom they have forgotten to fear.