Author bio

Charles Thomas Hanson


“My Tutor”


Easton, PA


Charles Thomas Hanson has been Drawing and Painting since childhood. While in High School, he participated in a mural project at the United Nations. He also worked for IBM for almost 30 years, and then became a Weichert Realtor and Associate Broker. Hanson has Participated in shows in New York, New Jersey, California, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. He has had pieces in the Crocker Museum in Sacramento California, General Motors in Kentucky, Hunterton Art Museum in New Jersey, Allentown Art Museum and the State Theater in Pennsylvania.

About "My Tutor"

This story is about a nine year old boy, who is being raised by his widowed mother, he requires a sitter for the time that she is pursuing a means of supporting them.She makes arrangements for him to be watched over by a beautiful seventeen year old girl, whom he develops an enormous crush on.