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Charles Levin


“Not So Gone: A Sam Sunborn Novel”


Tewksbury, NJ


Charlie is an author who has written the thriller novels, “Not So Dead” and “Not so Gone”. Charlie’s 24 year background in tech, degree in philosophy and love of fast-paced thrillers are the brew that created NOT SO DEAD and NOT SO GONE.

About "Not So Gone: A Sam Sunborn Novel"

“Not So Gone”, a new fast-paced thriller from the bestselling author of “Not So Dead” . . .
In “Not So Gone”, Sam Sunborn is forced to come back from the Dead to save his son and protect his country from a sadistic terrorist. Can the genius scientist, Frank Einstein, free Sam from the Cloud and bring him back to help his wife and family?
With the help of Homeland Security agents, Michelle Hadar and Rich Little, Sam goes head-to-head against a driven psychopath, known only as The Cub, in a race against time.
Can Sam and his ragtag team use wit and will alone to prevent a worldwide catastrophe?