Author bio

Ann Drighton


“The Ghost of Winorth Manor”


Bethlehem, PA.


Ann Drighton lost her fiancé to colon cancer in December of 2016. She used writing as a form of therapy for her loss, as well as dealing with unrequited emotions that were not being met. A fan of both sci/fi and or fantasy, as well as dark romance, she combined these different genres as a way of dealing with her grief and loss.

About “The Ghost of Winorth Manor”

It is 1818 in Seaside, New York, and Michael Winworth has been obsessed with his younger brother, Jason’s, wife, Pauline, for years. Determined to use his inherited dark magic to possess her for all eternity, Michael performs an ancient ritual that includes a blood sacrifice of Jason inside Winworth Manor. In this supernatural erotic novel, a jealous lord kills his brother and sets out on a two-hundred-year-old quest to find a new living bride to replace the one he lost forever.