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Andrea Balis and Elizabeth Levy


“Bringing Down A President: The Watergate Scandal”


New York, NY


Dr. Andrea Balis, is a faculty member in the history department of John Jay College/City University of New York. Her specializaon is 20th Century polical history. She has also wrien extensively for the theater, and worked as a director. She is the author of two books for young people, What Are You Using, a Guide for Birth Control for Teenagers, (Dial Press) and a novel PJ, (Dell Yearling). Elizabeth Levy is the award-winning author of over 100 ficon and non-ficon books for children and young adults. She is known for the humor and research that she brings to her subjects, from studying stand-up comedy for My Life as A Fih Grade Comedian, to working with renown historians for Scholasc’s AMERICA’S FUNNY BUT TRUE HISTORY and If You Were There When They Signed the Constuon. For a full list of her books go to

About "Bringing Down A President: The Watergate Scandal"

A middle-grade retelling of Richard Nixon’s downfall, Bringing Down A President: The Watergate Scandal is an inventive and mealy look at one of the biggest scandals to ever rock our nation. Comprised almost completely of primary source quotes (good thing Nixon’s recorder was on).